Standard Carbon utilizes a patented system that converts CO2 emissions into pipeline-grade renewable gas. This gas can be injected directly into the existing natural gas grid or used immediately. It solves intermittent renewable energy storage problems while being a completely closed loop on CO2 emissions. This is quite revolutionary.

As a company, Standard Carbon is leading the charge in renewable energy and I have been working with Standard Carbon for two years. I am so proud of their scientific advancements. Their technology produces renewable natural gas that can help solve major problems with climate change and carbon emissions. The team are serious engineers with a technology that rapidly can be verified for its impact on CO2.

Standard Carbon is the first company I have come across that is tackling the issue of climate change through sustainable energy that can actually scale across the existing trillion dollar energy infrastructure. It's modular design, economic-first philosophy, and cross industry scalability are the path forward. They are leading the way in developing new products that can help us attain our ESG goals and government agreements.

Science Advisory Committee

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Professor Marco Castaldi

Marco J. Castaldi, Ph.D. is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering Program at The Grove School of Engineering at The City College of New York (CCNY), CUNY. Prior to joining CCNY, he was Associate Professor at Columbia University’s Earth & Environmental Engineering Department. Castaldi is widely published, having approximately 90 peer-reviewed research articles, 40 peer-reviewed conference papers, 2 textbooks, 3 book chapters and 11 patents in the fields of catalysis, combustion and gasification. His research findings have been covered by The New York Times, The Observer, CNN, and in trade publications. Castaldi served as Editor of the North American Waste to Energy Conference (NAWTEC) Series (ISBN: 978-0-7918-4393-2), Co-Editor of the Waste to Energy text published by Woodhead Publishing, Editorial Board Member of Waste and Biomass Valorization published through Springer (ISSN: 1877-2641) and Catalysts (ISSN 2073-4344).  Prior to his academic career, Castaldi worked in industry as Manager of Fuel Processor Component Development for Precision Combustion Inc. in New Haven, CT overseeing projects totaling $5 million.